Sunday, July 27, 2008


Pencil, Pen, Paint, Photoshop, Marker

meet Spending Housewife Overweight Parcel Pulling - Elevator. SHOPP-E!

I used photoshop for highlights since I couldn't use gouache to get the highlights... sad I can't do it


Sophia Jooyeon Lee said...

Hehe, alwyas on time :D

Cool idea and the robot is cute too. The color pallet seems a bit limited to orange tho. Could have been nicer if you used different colors.

And I guess with given time it's hard to make up something but I just thought you could put a little more something to characters. Like for example, if he's Shop-E he could have multiple arms that can hold many shopping bags. Although your robot looks very cute but it doesn't really tells me what kind of a robot he is.

Nice backstory between the robot and the fat lady tho. She seems so heartless and mean D:.. poor robots.

Yuriy Sivers said...

Awesome Updates B-B-B MAN

[B]ehram said...

Merci you guys. Thanks Sophia for the critique. I did the first illustration quickly with no emotion but rather just stylized art based on idea given by you. I call it PhotoSHOPP-E