Monday, September 07, 2009

Stupid Clipping Plane

Can't fix the clipping plane problem for some reason... meh just fooling around until I get a new design.


Lisa Tao said...

ooh that looks like its gonna be a cool game character ;D

justin said...

nice design reminds me of scarecrow! is it for anything?

vivian lai said...

ooo wow that looks great :O
fromthe thumbnail version i thought it was a drawing haha
very cool :D

is this for something?
animate him doing something~

[B]ehram said...

Thanks Peeps! This is for Behr Production where I just do the Behr minimum. Sorry Viv but the Behr minimum doesn't involve animation... too much work. The design is something I did last year.

Jesus said...


Ken Tam said...

thats really cool
awsome B