Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mmmm brownie cheesecake

 Taking a break from l'ordinateur.  Mr. Charley Harper's book is very inspirational, so I took Sunday to do this and the brownie-cheesecake merci beaucoup a la bitch pour la recipe. Mmm-mmmm, yummy. sugar diets are awesome.

Traditional painting: acrylic mixed with gouache because I only had red, blue and yellow in acrylic.


Chris Darnbrough said...

Cool design B, is this the fam?

[B]ehram said...

thanks Rigger, and that's the fam.

LeMark said...

you should have done the piece with the browniw cheese cake!!!! its great to see u doing some traditional stuff!!keep it up, i like the designy approch

Lettie Lo said...

is that ur face on the chocolate cheesecake ??
traditional is just as yummy :D

Kenneth Tam said...

awsome! i like the design =]
good tradit!