Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Viruses are a pain...

... but they make me draw more. But in all seriousness they are a pain.

Progression from B K on Vimeo.

Jump Away from B K on Vimeo.

French magician here one day and gone the next
the adorable and ever so evil creeper
... the Cool Cucumber Chechique


Ben Lo said...

why do i not see me there.

Alvin Aquino said...

frig why aren't i there either!?
btw... those drawings are awesome! i really like that style

Damian said...

I'm diggin' those. You made Chechik look creepy. XD

Andre Barnwell said...

beautiful. Keep it growing Behram.

LeMark said...

i love it!!! nice style!!! i like my caricature too!!